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The Art of Hanging Frames

When it comes to hanging picture frames, there are many different approaches, whether it is a solo piece to sit peacefully on its own or a group of works creating a gallery wall. When hanging frames together, you do not necessarily need the frames to be identical to each other. It can be more effective to frame each piece to its own requirements, avoiding the feeling of static uniformity.

Functionality is also important when deciding where or how to hang your frames in their intended spaces. For example, pictures hung in a hallway where people are usually passing through will require different positioning than those hung in a living room or dining room where people usually spend most of their time seated.

Three questions you should consider before deciding where to hang any artwork are:

Firstly, have I allowed a realistic viewing vista? A well-hung frame provides good observation and a clear view throughout the space or from key focal points within the space.

Secondly, have I taken the composition into account when selecting the location? For example, if a portrait faces a certain direction, you do not want the portrait to direct the viewer to an unappealing corner of its space or focus on something that you deem uninteresting. It is better to hang your framed piece in a location that highlights the space or a focal point in the room, such as another framed picture, decoration, or piece of furniture.

Thirdly, have I considered the purpose of the room? Some pictures require more wall space than others, depending on the style, decor, size of the room, and dimensions of the wall. When taking space into account, would a sparse hang with a minimalist approach be more effective than a busy gallery style hang? This is determined by the size of the room and personal taste. The height at which to hang a picture frame also varies from room to room. In regards to interiors, if the designated area for a piece to hang is an intimate area or cozy corner, it may be beneficial to hang the piece lower to create a snug atmosphere.

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